50% of coral reefs are already dead, and the remaining 50% could disappear by 2050.


As respect for the environment and the protection of biodiversity is important to us, it is quite natural that we have decided to donate part of the profit from our sales to the Coral Gardeners association.

This association, created in 2017 by Titouan in Moorea (French Polynesia), aims to protect marine ecosystems and restore the most damaged parts of the coral reefs.

To do so, it is possible to adopt corals, which will be protected and grow healthy. This is the solution we have opted for. We will adopt corals with the profits from our sales.

In order for us to adopt one coral, ten swimsuits must be sold.


We invite you to follow us on social networks, to participate with us in the adoption of these marine species. You will be able to help us choose their names!


To learn more about Coral gardeners' actions, their team and their commitment, click here