Nalhoni is the realization of a child's dream, that of sleepless nights to give way to the creation and organization of this incredible project.

The Mediterranean Sea, the heat, the salt in her hair and the warm sand represent a large part of the childhood of Nalhoni's founder, Loan, and certainly her most beautiful memories.

After a trip to Bali that left a lifelong impression on her, Loan decided to take the plunge when she just turned 17 years old. After spending so many years near the Mediterranean Sea, she had just made her choice. She left everything behind, gave up her studies to embark on this incredible project, perhaps a little crazy, but which she had always dreamed of touching with her fingertips. The dream of creating a swimsuit brand. 


Nalhoni is a luxury swimwear brand, mixing current trends with ethical production practices. We choose high quality fabrics to ensure the longevity of your products, so that you can wear them for several summers.


We love the world we live in, and it is important for NALHONI to do its best to protect it. That's why we have decided to take an eco-responsible approach to the manufacture of our swimwear. Our products are handmade, and we give priority to quality, producing small quantities to avoid overproduction. 


Environmental protection and our love of our neighbor are particularly important to us. This is why we have decided to donate 3% of the profits from our sales to an association. Regularly, we change partners to try to make these donations benefit as many associations as possible. To discover the association with which we are collaborating at the moment, click here