Made by the waves and warm sand at sunrise, to dress beautiful sunkissed bodies and sunny minds.

Our mission

In creating Nalhoni, one of the many causes we felt strongly about was helping our fellow man and bringing a little extra love and sweetness to the world around us.

This is why 3% of the profits from our sales go to the Coral Gardeners association, which actively fights for the protection and restoration of coral reefs to keep our Oceans alive.

To learn more about Coral Gardeners, click here


Nalhoni is the result of a child's dream...


Being part of the Nalhoni Family

Nalhoni is a story of benevolence, self-confidence but above all; a love story.

Through our creations, we want each woman to feel beautiful and to love herself.

We invite you to join us on our social networks and share your most beautiful pictures by wearing our swimsuits with the hashtag #nalhoniswim.